April 3, 2009


After paying homage to Velazquez and the "meninas", in her last collection in Milan fashion week, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, always influenced by art, dedicates this Fall/Winter 09-10 collection to the surrealist painter.

Agatha dresses an enigmatic and intellectual woman, created by the surrealists, by taking the common elements that defined this artistic movement. Vulgar words become myth by those artists: "egg, marmaid, eye, hair, sex, cage, kiss, heart…"

• The “Wall Dress” on which grow flowers or hearts.

• Quilted patent leather outfits with large hearts.

• "The Cage Dress", which contrasts her classic “Balenciaga” line, with these new bright, three- dimensional, holographic fabrics.

• The faux fur (Agatha strongly supports the Green Movement) dresses with prints ranging from zippers and rows of ants, to explicit sexual elements.

She presents a colorful collection, but with even more originality than usual. This time her icons remain subtle, accentuating her inevitable hearts, and her signature!


Tammy said...

I'm sorry....but this is the stupidest looking array of "clothing" (and I use the term loosely) that I have ever seen. Do people actually purchase and wear these things in public? Cute as costumes maybe. I don't know how the models keep straight faces.

čudna said...

Hi, I`m a writer for City Magazine Slovenia, I tryed to contact you trough emails but they didn`t get delivered. I`m doing an article on Aghata Ruiz De La Prada design and I would need images that are suitable for publishing (high resolution).

Please contact me on oblacilnica@gmail.com

Thank you and best regards,

Fashionstyle said...

Que colores !!! estupendo !!!

Jane Kurts said...

Hello, My name is Jane
I would really love to bring your kids shoes lines to Russia to sell them there. Please contact me at


Complete Pricelist said...
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Complete Pricelist said...

Ciao Agatha,
it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday. Please send me an email so we can stay in touch.

Anonymous said...

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